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七三式 / Shichisanshiki / 73Shiki is a japanese visual indies band with a pretty unique approach to both their music and costumes. They play upbeat rock music and the songs usually consist of catchy rhythms and melodies, sometimes a bit jazz inspired and the guitars are often on the foreground playing fast solos.
In February 2004, the guitarist Dye and vocalist 愛歌 (Aika) decided to form a new band.

Did you mean: 七三式

JRock Visualkei Band

Vocal: Aika
Guitarra: Chama
Baixo: Sho
Bateria: To-ki
Guitarra: Naoki [ Suporte ]
Status: Em Pausa
Grafia: 七三式
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Negai (2007/04/04) [ Album ]
1. Monalisa Smile ~Tenshi no Hooemi~
2. 37°C ~Binetsu~
3. Ashita he... ~Boku to Isshoni~
4. Kuroneko no Namida ~Aru Yume no Katachi~
5. Tsuyogari ~Anata Iro~
6. Kousaten ~Shunkashuutou~
7. Kayuki ~Aitakute~
8. Hyouteki ~Konya no Target~
9. Aika ~Yowamushi Datta Kimi he~
10. Ave Maria ~D.N.A ni Sasagu~
11. Last Song ~Negai~
12. Tokyo Gambler ~I'm Looser~
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Ashita he ~Boku to Issho ni~ - Tokyo Tower (2007/01/23) [ Maxi-Single ]
1. Ashita he ~Boku to Issho ni~
2. Tokyo Tower
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Shikisai (2006/07/03) [ Single ]
1. Sakura (New Arranged)
2. Hidamari Ni Saku Hana ~Sumire~
3. Tokyo Hanabi
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Sanshoku Binse (2006/02/08) [ Single ]
1. Momiji
2. Koibumi
3. Bye Bye
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Hiwamari (2005/11/19) [ Single ]
1. Hiwamari
2. +
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CANNONBALL vol.2 (2005/06/22) [ Omnibus ]
1. 73shiki - Tokyo Hanabi
2. Reon - Devil's Kiss
3. DuelJewel - [betray]
4. re:Make - Kaede
5. MASK - Dear Fool's
6. MASK - 'Yuki to Hana" ~Inori~
7. AN CAFE - Hana zo Mukashi no Kaori ni Nioi keru
8. AN CAFE - Life is...
9. KuRt - innocence
10. KuRt - Saraba Bambi dancing version
11. [FIGURe;] - 'Kuroi Sora no Ame datte'
12. [FIGURe;] -
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Scene 73 [namida] (2005/02/14) [ Single ]
1. Wedding road
2. Tokyo Tower
3. Shichisan Ouenka
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Sakura 73 go Shinjuku Iki (2004/12/18) [ Single ]
1. Sakura
2. Kuroneko No Namida
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Kanjou 73 Gousen (2004/08/04) [ Mini-Album ]
1. Takaramono ~Kamisori~
2. Ai.Ai.Eye
3. Shuto Monogatari
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TOSHI with T-EARTH is releasing their second album called 「遥かなる時をこえて」 (Haruka naru Toki wo Koete) on November 26th!

With the recently newly created band; Toshi with T-Earth, we’re now able to hear their previews of their newly added songs. It has been added a while ago, so this would give people a chance to get to hear their songs [if you haven't heard about this]. Check out their tracks in their myspace!


TOSHI with T-EARTH has announced their bassist!

And that bassist is RUCA from しゃるろっと (Charlotte)! (Which makes it look like the Charlotte boys are really invested in this band, haha).

So as a brief recap, the members we have lined up for the band are:

Vocals - TOSHI (X-Japan)
Guitar - Jun (ex-Phantasmagoria)
Guitar - TOYA (Charlotte)
Bass - RUCA (Charlotte)
Drums - LEVIN (THE HUSKY), Shinya (LUNA SEA)

TOSHI with T-EARTH has announced the release of their first album! The title is 「EARTH SPIRIT」 and it’s set to come out on August 8th. They say that the album will explain the true meaning of rock… and that surely it will be a definitive piece has a special sound which passes through the principles of royalty.

More details on that when we have it.

Furthermore, on August 2nd the band will be taking part in the Pusan International Rock Festival that’s taking place in South Korea!

Remember TOSHI WITH T-EARTH, that new project that TOSHI (X JAPAN), Jun (ex-Phantasmagoria) and TOYA (Charlotte) are in together?

Well, new members have been announced!

The newly announced members of the band are also famous in the visual scene, and they are both drummers. First is LEVIN who is now 9n THE HUSKY and was formerly in La’cryma Christ, and second is none other than 真矢 (Shinya), the drummer for LUNA SEA.

On their tour in August, LEVIN will be playing at the Nagoya, Sapporo and Sendai shows and Shinya will be playing at the Osaka, Fukuoka and Tokyo performances.

Now this piece of news definitely surprised me, and thanks to Kat who gave us the heads up! After Kat sent me the Yahoo! News link, I did some more searching around. I think this is most of the information that’s out there about it.

X JAPAN’s vocalist TOSHI is forming a brand new band called “TOSHI with T-EARTH”.
So far there are three members confirmed for the band; TOSHI on vocals, Jun (ex-Phantasmagoria) on guitar and TOYA from しゃるろっと (Charlotte). There will also be a bassist, keyboardist and drummer added to the ranks, but no announcement of who will be filling those parts quite yet. Their producer is currently MASAYA.

Starting on August 12th, the band will be going on a country-wide tour, kicking it off at Nagoya ZEPP.
The tour dates are:
August 12th - Nagoya ZEPP
August 14th - Sapporo ZEPP
August 18th - Osaka ZEPP
August 19th - Osaka ZEPP
August 21st - Fukuoka ZEPP
September 3rd - Tokyo ZEPP
September 4th - Tokyo ZEPP

The band has also already had offers to travel overseas to perform, so keep a look out you might get a chance to see them too!

TOSHI is calling their music “ecology hard rock” and says “If we have the chance, we want to play eco hard rock, we want to shout”. The concept of the band is “We won’t lose to young people. When we can shout, we’ll shout. When we can do it, we’ll do it”.

On a somewhat unrelated and random note, TOSHI also mentioned that he’s taking applications for a female duet partner for another project that he’s starting up.

You can see a brief comment from Jun, TOSHI, and TOYA here:

Status: Ativos
Since: 2008

EARTH SPIRIT (2008.08.08)[ Album ]
1. Fire City [Pv]
2. Kizutsukikowareteshimawanu you ni
3. Kabe
4. Daichi no namida
5. Namida no achira ni
6. Feel your love
7. Say Goodbye to yesterday
8. Toi kuni he
9. Earth in the Dark [T-Earth Version]
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