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kannivalism (???????) is a Japanese visual rock band, that formed in 2001,Cure magazine, Volume 30, March, released Jan 1 206, pg 38 signed to Free-Will, and distributed by Sony Music. The band disbanded in 2001 when Baroque was formed, and reformed in 2006 after Baroque's disbandment, joined by bass player Yuchi.. Original lineup Kannivalism, in their original lineup, performed their first concert on February 2, 2001 and performed their last concert June 20 2001 at a One-man (a concert with no opening act); they disbanded after releasing a few demos, and one single, Kannivalism Ittekimasu.. Second lineup Kannivalism reformed in 2006. In April 2006, they released their first mini-album, Soukou Humority, which caught mainstream attention and the fans of baroque. Soon after in September 2

Vocal: Ryo
Guitarra: kei
Baixo: Yuchi
Status: Ativos
Since: 2001
Official Site

Hoshi no yoru (17.01.2007)[ Maxi-Single ]
1. Hoshi no yoru
2. Shiawase no ehon
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kannivalism Ittekimasu (29.07.2001)[ Maxi-Single ]

1. Trip shortcake
2. Daisuki
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Nu age (21.02.2007)[ Album ]
1. apple butter II
2. age.
3. Domino Party
4. Hoshi no yoru
5. Castarina
6. in a brown study (unplugged)
7. Melanchonic
8. Sugar rainy
9. Ritori
10. Boku no basho
11. Shiawase no ehon (Nu age. version)
12. Kimi Music
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Ritori (27.09.2006) [ Maxi-Single ]
1. Ritori
2. Shiroi asa
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small word (09.05.2007)[ Single ]
1. small world
2. Cry baby
3. Home sick
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Soukou humority (26.04.2006)[ Mini-Album ]
1. humority
2. Sekirara
3. Cry baby
4. Stoïc boy
5. in a brown study
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Shinkou Shuukyou Gakudan NoGoD is a relatively new indies visual kei band from Tokyo. Their style ranges from heavy to ballads, with a very unique touch that prevents the band from sounding similar to dozens of other heavy indies bands out there. The most charasteristic element in their music is definitely the vocalist's high-pitched, unique and skilled vocals, which have become one of the band's trademarks, along with the elaborate black and red outfits and various anti-religious hints.

The anti-religious hints are everywhere: the band's full name means 'the new religion band NoGoD'; their lives have had names like 'the big religion war'; they call their fans 'believers' and their lives 'propagation' and so on. However, their lyrics don't have anything particularly anti-religious, and overall, it shouldn't be taken too seriously. It's the band's 'thing' -- they're doing their own thing and they have their own 'cult' and 'followers', who seem quite devoted if you consider how quickly this band is gaining popularity!

Author : Karmik (2007-02-18)


Shinkou Shuukyou Gakudan NoGoD, or more conveniently just NoGoD, was formed by the vocalist, Danchou in Tokyo in March 2005. The first half year, Danchou spent gathering members around him, practising and planning -- or as he says, 'experimentally propagating daily'. The band rehearsed and planned in silence to be able to start with full power from their very first live instead of starting with little experience and only gradually getting better.

Finally on the 19th of October 2005, NoGoD had their first live at Akasaka L@N. By that time, the line-up had been decided as follows: Danchou on vocals, Aki and Kyrie on guitars, Karin on bass and K on drums. After less than a month, on November 12th, NoGoD released their first demo single Kimi ni Okuru Bukiyou de Migattena Uta. The demo was sold out on the same day.

The rest of 2005 and the beginning of 2006 the band spent by doing lives and sessions with several other smaller bands in different live houses all over Tokyo, until on the 24th of February, they released their first mini-album, Tenbatsu Enban. On the 20th of April, NoGoD had their first oneman live, called Shuukyou Daisensou, at the Ikebukuro CYBER.

On July 12th, the band released the first single of their two-month consecutive release campaign. The single went by the name Aka Fukyou and also started a series of similar names; Aka Fukyou means 'Red Propagation', and the release campaign's next single, released on August 30th, was called Kuro Fukyou, 'Black Propagation'. These two singles helped NoGoD gain quite a bit more fans, especially overseas.

Soon after, the band announced the release of their second mini-album. It was released on December 6th and entitled Kanna Fukyou; 'Godless Propagation'. This was also the first time that NoGoD decided to go with two types of one release; Kanna Fukyou was released as two different versions, one contained a bonus DVD and one contained a bonus song, a live version. The limited edition's DVD contained a rather interesting, fictional story about the formation of NoGoD, a PV and a live video.

Something else that was also interesting about the mini-album was that Murai Kenjirou (bassist of CYCLE, ex.cali≠gari & SEX MACHINEGUNS) worked as the band's 'sound adviser' for the album, and upon listening this influence becomes noticeable; the bass lines on it are a lot more audible and the overall sound is deeper than on NoGoD's previous releases.

Since the release of Kanna Fukyou, NoGoD has once again concentrated mainly on lives and various session bands. However, since this band has been quite active ever since they officially started their journey, it probably won't be long until we hear about a new release again.

Grafia: 新興宗教楽団NoGoD
Official Site

Ao no daichi (05.11.2008)[ Maxi-Single ]
1. Yakusoku no chi
2. Kijin fukanshou
3. Haten daishishi
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Midori no kaze (08.10.2008)[ Maxi-Single ]
1. Dou
2. Seshuuka
3. Tsubasa
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saikou no sekai / shirasagi (16.02.2008)[ Single ]
1. Saikou no Sekai
2. Shirasagi
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Aka Fukyou (12.07.2006)[ Single ]
1. Guren
2. Yuiitsu Uta
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Atria (09.05.2007)[ Single ]
1. Atria
2. Houmotsu
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batsu (26.09.2007)[ Maxi-Single ]
1. Tsumibatsu Egoist
2. Strawberry night
3. No God
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Ifukyou [ Single ]
1. Gu Hasu
2. Yuuitsu uta
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Kanna Fukyou (06.12.2006)[ Mini-Album ]
1. Shinja no Koushin
2. Guren (album ver.)
3. Nanairo
4. Kirara
5. Kurobai
6. Sayounara Arigatou
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Kimi ni Okuru Bukiyou de Migattena Uta (12.11.2005)[ Single ]
1. Kimi ni Okuru Bukiyou de Migattena Uta (demo ver.)
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Shinkou Shuukyou Gakudan NoGoD Kono Sekai ni Mihana Saretemo

Kono Sekai ni Mihana Saretemo (20.06.2006)[ Single ]
1. Kono Sekai ni Mihana Saretemo
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Kuro Fukyou (30.08.2006)[ Single ]
1. Monochrome
2. Gekiretsu Kyoukan Ranchiki Kyou
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LOOP OF LIFE VI [ Omnibus ]
5. No God
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Sakura/Kimi wa Tsuki wo Tsukamu (09.04.2006)[ Single ]
1. Sakura
2. Kimi wa Tsuki wo Tsukamu
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Ten (08.08.2007)[ Maxi-Single ]
1. Kimi ni Okuru Bukiyou de Migattena Shi
2. Saishiro
3. Rinne tenshou
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Tenbatsu Enban (24.02.2006)[ Mini-Album ]
1. Introduction
2. Shuukyou Ongaku
3. Strawberry Night
4. Kimi ni Okuru Bukiyou de Migattena Uta
5. Ibitsu
6. Saishiro
7. Kitou (bonus track)
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JRock Visual Kei Band
Vocal: Otoki
Guitar: Shou
Bass: Saki
Drums: Hiro
Since: 2004
Status: Ativos
Grafia: アヲイ
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DEADMAN [Single](2008.07.16)
01. SE
02. koe
03. ren\'ai shashin ...
04. Kanashii uta
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Nakunaranai uta [Single](2007.11.07)
01. Suzumushi
02. Kokode tozashite
03. Ikiru tame no uta
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Yuuyake Karasu [Maxi-single](2007.04.09)
01. Yuudachi
02. Yuuyake Karasu
03. Okujou
04. Ikiru Itami, Kimi e
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Makkura, Makkuro, Makkaka na asa [Album](2006.09.06)
01. Asa
02. Kanashii Uta
03. Kuroi Keshigomu
04. Ashita
05. Yoru
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Ame no Itaitami [Single](2006.06.27)
01. Ame to
02. Ikiru Itami, Kimi e
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JRock Visualkei Band

Vocal: 音
Guitarra: 怜
Guitarra: サオイ
Baixo: 暁人
Bateria: ゆーい
Official Site
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∞aku (2008/01/26) [ Single ]
1. Fuyajou Kakeru Cinderella
2. Kurayami no Riyuu
3. Ayatsurarete Imasu...
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guaku (2007/06/13) [ Single ]
1. trick dispair
2. Toyoiro
3. Kairi no eda
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giaku (2006/10/18) [ Single ]
1. Girls in the Sky that Color is Scarlet
2. Moumoku Taste
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JMetal Visualkei Band

Vocal: Kuya
Guitarra: Kouta
Baixo: Fumiya
Bateria: Aki
Status: Acabaram
Since: 2006~2007
Official Site
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From the end (2007/11/22) [ Single ]
2. the Oblivions red Butterfly
3. From the End
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Revolver (2007/08/20) [ Single ]
1. Revolver
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UNDER THE SUN (2007/02/00) [ Maxi-Single ]
2. Coldscenery
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JRock Angura Kei Band

Vocal: Yoshihiko
Guitarra: Nao
Baixo: Kousuke
Bateria: Kiri
Status: Ativos
Since: 2006
Official Site
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Orange Drama [Limited] (2008/11/05) [ Maxi-Single ]
1. Orange Drama
2. Flashback
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Innocence (2008/04/23) [ Album ]
1. Yurikago
2. Hyururi
3. Slow Drop
4. Mousou no hibi
5. Shinkirou
6. Parade
7. Rui
8. Rem
9. Synchro
10. Mirai no hate
11. Natsu ichizu
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Rem (2008/02/14) [ Maxi-Single ]
1. Rem
2. Naru fue
3. Rem (Instr.)
4. Naru fue (Instr.)
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Rem - Cd version - (2008/02/14) [ Maxi-Single ]
1. Rem
2. Nakibue
3. Hakuchuumu (Live)
4. Rem - instrumental
5. Nakibue - instrumental
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Synchro / Hyururi (2007/10/24) [ Maxi-Single ]
1. Synchro
2. Synchro (Instrumental)
3. Hyururi
4. Hyururi(Instrumental)
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Natsu Ichizu (2007/06/24) [ Maxi-Single ]
1. Natsu Ichizu
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Kasou (2007/04/25) [ Album ]
1. Kasou
2. Fly
3. Clover
4. Hoshi no koe
5. Shinda sekai
6. Shounen
7. Kane no naru oka
8. Aru hi no senkoku
9. Charles
10. Houmatsu
11. Last Piece
12. Sentimental
13. Sono yukue.
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CLOVER (2006/11/15) [ Maxi-Single ]
2. Kuro No Sokuseki
3. Kyokuu Ni Sousou
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dohouku (2006/08/02) [ Album ]
1. kyoumei
2. hakuchuumu
3. kaihou
4. machikado bojou
5. ganbou
6. yuuyake to kodomo
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Yuuyake to kodomo/Maria (2006/06/03) [ Maxi-Single ]
1. Yuuyake to Kodomo
2. Maria
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